On this course, we will teach you how to repair mobile phones and tablets starting from the basics for e.g. replacing basic parts and diagnosing repairs , and then proceeding on to the more difficult and technical aspects of repair such as soldering techniques and SMD components replacement. We provide in depth training, which helps you gain valuable skills that will not only help you find a job as a professional technician, but also help you start your own business.

Class Timetable

Monday – Thursday

10am – 6pm

Course Structure

The course is split in two parts:

Theory and assessment – 20%

Practical – 80%

We will only provide certification, if you pass all elements of the course. We will provide extra support and guidance to those who require it, and ensure you understand all the topics covered fully before you leave.

Syllabus Outline

1. Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
2. Assembly and Disassembly Procedures
3. Screen Assembly and Replacement
4. Water Damage Repair
5. Soldering Techniques
6. In-depth Component Level Repairs

For more detailed information on the curriculum, please contact us.

Next available Course Date

The next start date for this course is 15/08/16. For later dates, contact us.

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